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Advantages of Threema Work

Threema Work is an easy and affordable solution for organizations to make mobile communication with colleagues, partners and customers secure and compliant with data-privacy standards.

  • Threema Work provides a strict separation of personal and professional communication.
  • Threema Work guarantees top-grade security and full compliance with current data-privacy standards.
  • Threema Work offers priority support, SLAs, app customization, and Threema Gateway credits.
  • Threema Work can be easily integrated into existing MDM systems.
  • Threema Work can an also be used without MDM system.
  • Made in Switzerland: Threema Work is created and maintained in Switzerland.

Features of the app

Threema Work provides all the features one would expect from a state-of-the-art instant messenger for organizations.

  • Send text and voice messages
  • Send files: PDFs, Office documents, ZIP files, etc.
  • Share pictures, videos, and locations
  • Create groups and distribution lists
  • Easily find agreements among group members using the unique poll feature
  • Verify contacts’ identities by scanning their QR codes, which effectively prevents man-in-the-middle attacks

Threema Work is available for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone and can also be used on tablets. With the Threema Web, Threema can be used on the desktop (currently only available for Android).

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Windows Phone
  • Web-Client

Security and privacy by design

Threema Work provides strong security and comprehensive data protection. No other messenger offers this kind of security, metadata restraint, and confidentiality.

Administration and user management

Subscriptions and user credentials can be managed in the management cockpit. The management cockpit allows to:

Threema work management cockpit
  • Increase the number of users and renew subscriptions
  • Upgrade existing subscriptions and acquire new subscriptions
  • Customize contact lists
  • Get an overview of active users
  • Revoke IDs
  • Set an In-App-Logo
  • Define link to custom support form
  • Access Threema Gateway credits
  • Request support

Awards and achievements

The Threema Work app is based on the technology of the Threema’s consumer app and offers similar features. Threema was awarded several times for its security, metadata restraint, and usability.

Top ratings and reviews
In the app stores, Threema gets excellent reviews and ratings. In the Google Play Store, it scores 4.5/5 stars, based on >30,000 votes.
Android App of the year
In 2015, Google Play rewarded Threema by placing it on the prestigious roster of best Android apps.
Best-selling iOS app
Two years in a row, in 2014 and 2015, Threema was the best-selling iOS app in Germany.
Winner of several tests, earning perfects scores
In numerous messenger comparisons, Threema came out on top. Many blogs and journals praise Threema’s security, privacy protection, and usability.

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