Hotel Estrel Berlin

Reaching non-desk employees

The Estrel Berlin is Germany’s largest hotel. It houses 1,125 rooms and suites, four restaurants, three bars, a summer garden that includes a jetty, a modern spa, and a fitness area. The four-star-plus hotel is connected to the Estrel Congress Center; the total area is 25,000 m2.

Use cases

  • Not every employee is equipped with a company email address. Thanks to Threema Work, however, everyone can be reached, no matter in which branch of the hotel they work.
  • Flexible usage: The various departments use different features of the app in the way that suits their needs best. There is a separate group chat for each department, and they are all used actively.
  • Accessible anywhere: Even in rooms where the mobile network’s signal is weak, Threema Work can be used to make phone calls over the Wi-Fi network.
  • Threema Work is also used for communication with external parties.
Katharina Katschorowski, IT Supervisor Katharina Katschorowski, IT Supervisor Threema Work is user-friendly and ingeniously easy to use – anyone can work with it!
Everyone is fond of instant messaging: housekeeping, back office, and the service team. Most employees use it daily.
Single and group chats, voice calls, image and file exchange: Threema Work offers all the features users expect.
Security and privacy are important to us. Here, too, Threema is convincing across the board: The servers are located in Switzerland, and no metadata is collected.

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