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Rossmann is Germany’s second largest drugstore chain. Outside of Germany, the company also operates in six other European countries (Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Albania, Kosovo, and Turkey), supplying goods to more than 4,000 stores in total.

In 2019, Rossmann’s management decided to introduce Threema Work as company messenger.

Use cases

  • Threema Work is primarily used for instant messaging. It allows to quickly and efficiently distribute information to specific target groups.
  • The app’s simplicity and ease of use allow Rossmann to contact colleagues from various departments and gradually connect new company divisions to the app.
Nico Maiwald, Product Owner Nico Maiwald, Product Owner With Threema Work, top-down communication is a success. It’s also easy and efficient for us to reach our partners thanks to Threema Work.
Threema Work supports us in everyday communication. By using the app, information paths have become shorter and accessibility higher.
Getting familiar with the app is no big deal for most employees. The useful features, such as sharing media files or creating group chats, add the finishing touch to the app experience.
For us, Threema Work is not only a means to chat but also a platform for interaction across companies.

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