Management cockpit
Threema Work app
  • Threema MDM: Remote app configuration
  • New dashboard with detailed statistics
  • Additional fields for reference text on invoices
  • General improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Add additional administrators, and define individual access privileges.
  • Enterprise: detach Threema IDs from subscriptions.
  • Business/Enterprise: search the user list by Threema ID or nickname.
  • On top of that, the management cockpit has received a visual overhaul, and the navigation has been streamlined
  • Enterprise: Threema Work subscriptions can now be managed using an API. To access the API’s documentation, navigate to “API” in the management cockpit.
  • The management cockpit’s menu was reorganized, and the Contacts section was streamlined.
  • Some under-the-hood improvements were made.
  • Customized contact list
  • Overview of active users
  • ID revocation
  • Custom support form
  • Manage licenses and users
  • Define and edit credentials
  • Update number of users and renew a subscription
  • Acquire additional subscriptions
  • Set an In-App-Logo
  • Access Threema Gateway credits
  • Request support
  • Get an overview of the active users
  • Option to define a custom support URL

Threema Work 3.0.5k for iOS

  • The length restriction for text messages was removed
  • Very long messages will be split and sent as multiple messages
  • Preview of circular image section when cropping the profile picture, contact pictures, and group pictures
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when “Save Media to Camera Roll” was enabled without granting the respective iOS permission
  • On iOS 9, unavailable settings for push notifications (“Preview” and “Show Nickname”) are not displayed
  • Improvements for iPhone X
  • Resolved an issue that could occur when calling on speaker
  • General improvements and bug fixes

Threema Work 3.31k for Android

  • More than 800 new emojis. Now supporting Unicode 10.
  • Improved emoji picker: Remove items from recent emojis list with a long tap, tap on any emoji to see an enlarged version
  • Setting to enable/disable auto download of pictures and voice messages depending on network type
  • Improved Threema Call usability when TalkBack is activated
  • Now supporting icon badges on Sony devices
  • Improved Android Wear support: Image previews and canned responses
  • Various improvements and bug fixes

Threema Work 2.1.0k for Windows Phone

  • Search feature in chat overview and contact list
  • Setting to hide inactive contacts
  • Contacts who use Threema Work are labeled with a briefcase icon
  • Add Threema Channel via menu in chat overview
  • Set password for ID revocation
  • Threema MDM Support
  • Various other improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes

Threema Work 3.0.4k for iOS

  • Support for iPhone X
  • Export chats of up to 100 MB via iOS Share Sheet
  • Support for Dynamic Type (iOS setting)
  • Setting to display nickname instead of full name in push notifications
  • Setting for display order of first and last name (iOS 11 only)
  • Outgoing calls aren’t listed in Phone app’s Recent list if “Integrate calls into iOS” is disabled
  • Reduction of app size
  • Fixed an issue in regard to message sorting
  • General improvements and bug fixes

Threema Work 3.21k for Android

  • Threema Calls: Tap-proof end-to-end encrypted voice calls
  • Integrated multimedia player
  • Mark important chats by swiping them horizontally
  • Record voice messages without a plugin
  • This release requires Android 4.1 or higher