Management cockpit
Threema Work app
  • All passwords can be revealed with a mouse click
  • Performance improvements and minor bug fixes
  • Passwords in the Credentials section are concealed by default and can be revealed with a mouse click
  • New credentials require a password of at least 8 characters
  • Performance improvements and minor bug fixes
  • Streamlined “App contacts” section
  • Broadcast IDs are now marked as internal contacts (if “Mark internal contacts” is enabled)
  • Fixed minor API bugs
  • Miscellaneous under-the-hood improvements
  • Redesigned management cockpit and dashboard
  • New text filter to narrow the list of credentials
  • Link multiple Threema Broadcast IDs to a Threema Work subscription
  • Faster Threema Broadcast synchronization
  • Miscellaneous under-the-hood improvements
  • Add additional email addresses to receive accounting notifications: Manage > Notifications > Add
  • Various UI improvements (e.g., in OTP screens)
  • API: New parameter (filterUsername) to filter users by credential username
  • Miscellaneous minor improvements
  • Define password policies for administrators (in Manage > Administrator policies)
  • Various minor improvements
  • CSRF-Bugfixes (discovered by Kenan Genç)
  • Various other improvements

New MDM parameters to restrict backup options:

  • Minor other improvements

To get an overview of all available MDM parameters that restrict backup options, please refer to this article in the Help section.

  • Fixed a CSRF bug that occurred when creating new administrators (discovered by Holger Fuhrmannek, Telekom Security)
  • Various other improvements
  • You can make two-factor authentication a requirement for your administrators
  • Individually adjust notification settings for your administrators
  • Changes to an administrator’s profile settings trigger an email notification to the respective administrator
  • Credentials can be used as multi-user licenses
  • New design and streamlined navigation

The following MDM parameters for Threema Safe are now supported:

To get acquainted with the new configuration options, please refer to this help article.

  • Export of user list as CSV file
  • Various other improvements

The following MDM parameters are now supported:

These values allow administrators to associate a given Threema ID with the corresponding employee (and vice versa). To end users, they are not visible.

  • Threema MDM: Remote app configuration
  • New dashboard with detailed statistics
  • Additional fields for reference text on invoices
  • General improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes
  • Add additional administrators, and define individual access privileges.
  • Enterprise: detach Threema IDs from subscriptions.
  • Business/Enterprise: search the user list by Threema ID or nickname.
  • On top of that, the management cockpit has received a visual overhaul, and the navigation has been streamlined
  • Enterprise: Threema Work subscriptions can now be managed using an API. To access the API’s documentation, navigate to “API” in the management cockpit.
  • The management cockpit’s menu was reorganized, and the Contacts section was streamlined.
  • Some under-the-hood improvements were made.
  • Customized contact list
  • Overview of active users
  • ID revocation
  • Custom support form
  • Manage licenses and users
  • Define and edit credentials
  • Update number of users and renew a subscription
  • Acquire additional subscriptions
  • Set an In-App-Logo
  • Access Threema Gateway credits
  • Request support
  • Get an overview of the active users
  • Option to define a custom support URL

Threema Work 4.6.12k for iOS

  • Several minor bug fixes

Threema Work 4.6.11k for iOS

  • Share Sheet improvements
  • Threema calls: Fixed a bug that could occur when accepting/rejecting calls in the Notification Center
  • Fixed a bug that could occur when sending audio files via Threema Web

Threema Work 4.55k for Android

  • Added “mark as unread” option
  • Selectable playback speed for voice messages
  • Voice messages that have been listened to are now flagged with an ear symbol
  • Added tabs to contact list to either filter internal contacts or show all
  • Improved media selection with ability to scroll through and select in large view
  • Filtering in archive screen
  • Added Japanese and Chinese (traditional) translations
  • Design tweaks
  • Improved compatibility of video transcoding
  • Better performance of media picker
  • Various small improvements and bug fixes

Threema Work 4.6.9k for iOS

  • New: Mark chats as unread (swipe right in chat overview)
  • Share Extension revamped
  • Support for right-to-left scripts in chats
  • Chinese (traditional and simplified) localization
  • Japanese localization
  • Voice messages are no longer forwarded as files but as voice messages
  • Voice messages, GIFs, and stickers are hidden in media preview
  • Fixed a bug that could occur when quoting messages that contain mentions
  • Various other improvements and miscellaneous minor bug fixes

Threema Work 4.52k for Android

  • Global search: Search for text across all chats
  • Media drawer: Tap the paperclip icon to browse your media files in a scrollable drawer
  • Image search (optional): Search your images for common objects, activities, and places (the image recognition is based on a local machine learning model and does not send data to Threema's server or any third party)
  • Increased maximum group size to 256 members
  • Sending media files: Send images with individual resolutions without having to change the global settings
  • Image editor: Automatic recognition of faces to blur or cover with an emoji (works best with high-resolution images)
  • Video editor: Trim videos before sending
  • Media gallery: New “Show in chat” feature
  • Save to gallery: On Android 10 and above, media is now stored in the system’s Pictures, Video, Music, and Documents folders due to new “Scoped Storage” requirements by Google
  • Quotes: Quote any type of media, including images, videos, and voice messages
  • Long text messages: To keep the chat interface lean, messages containing a lot of text are truncated and can be expanded on demand
  • Polls: Re-sort answers using drag and drop when creating a poll
  • 100 new emojis
  • Bug fixes, optimizations, and design improvements

The most important of the new features are explained in greater detail on the Threema blog.

Threema Work 4.6.6k for iOS

  • Fixed a UI error in the license screen
  • Miscellaneous minor bug fixes

Threema Work 4.6.5k for iOS

  • Increased maximum group size to 256 members
  • Option to add captions when sending media files within the app
  • You can now quote any type of message (including media, voice messages, and locations)
  • iOS 14: Share individual photos without granting Threema access to the photo library
  • Polish localization
  • Size limit for chat exports removed
  • Truncate quoted messages after 200 characters
  • Always display search bar when creating and editing groups
  • Layout improvements in Threema call screen
  • Various iOS 14 improvements
  • Various other improvements and miscellaneous minor bug fixes

Threema Work 4.42k for Android

  • Various small bug fixes and reliability improvements
  • Updated camera library

Threema Work 4.6.2k for iOS

  • iOS 14: Fixed a bug that occurred when sharing videos via the Photos app

Threema Work 4.6.1k for iOS

  • New: End-to-end encrypted video calls
  • Grouped notifications in Notification Center
  • Adjusted volume of voice messages
  • Relative dates in chats
  • Support for diacritical characters in contact-list search
  • Removed button to start cellular calls from contact details
  • VoiceOver improvements
  • Various other improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes

Threema Work 4.34k for Android

  • Built-in camera: Improved stability and support for additional devices
  • Threema Web: Fixed a bug that could lead to connection loss when transferring large files
  • Improved behavior of Threema Safe on managed devices when changing the Threema Safe server via MDM

Threema Work 4.5.4k for iOS

  • Off-hours policy (Settings > Notifications): Disable notifications and reject calls outside of working hours
  • iOS 13: Design theme (Dark Mode) can be set via iOS (set Threema > Settings > Appearance > Design Theme to System)
  • iOS 13: Haptic Touch replaces 3D Touch
  • Swipe to quote messages
  • Share contacts
  • Localizations: Czech, Basque (Spain), and Turkish
  • In-app notifications support text formatting
  • Display captions below image messages
  • Redesign of status messages
  • Various improvements for Threema calls, Threema Web, and VoiceOver
  • Numerous other improvements and bug fixes

Threema Work 4.32k for Android

This update requires Android 4.4 or above.
  • Off-hours policy: Disable notifications outside of working hours (“Settings > Sound & Notifications > Do not disturb”)
  • Built-in video recorder (selected devices, Android 8+)
  • Built-in video editor to trim videos (selected devices, Android 8+)
  • More than 100 new emojis from the Unicode 12 standard
  • Optional automatic download for videos and files
  • Extended image editing options
  • Improved appearance of stickers
  • Translation updates
  • Voice-message playback is paused while recording voice messages
  • Support for Audio Focus in audio player
  • Threema Web: stability improvements
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and other improvements

Threema Work 4.22k for Android

  • Explicitly enable TLSv1.2 and TLSv1.3 on Android 4.1-4.4 (if supported)
  • Bug fixes

Threema Work 4.4.3k for iOS

  • Fixed a bug that occurred when sharing Live Photos
  • Several minor bug fixes and miscellaneous other improvements

Threema Work for Windows Phone

  • Prevent image upload in the background on Windows OS 10.0.15254.597 and above
  • Fixed an error that could occur when creating Threema Safe backups

Threema Work 4.4.2k for iOS

  • Revised user interface: Uniform color scheme, reorganized My ID tab (now called “My Profile”), streamlined settings, etc.
  • Storage management: Delete all messages or media files of a certain age at once
  • Refactoring of Threema Web: General stability and performance improvements
  • Refactoring of Threema calls: Optimized connection buildup
  • Various improvements for iOS 13
  • The green stripe indicating a connection to the Threema server is no longer present; however, the red and orange stripes still indicate connection loss and connection buildup, respectively
  • Proxy server support (HTTP CONNECT and SOCKS)
  • Numerous other improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes

Threema Work 4.21k for Android

  • Proxy server support (HTTP CONNECT and SOCKS)
  • New color scheme, consistent with upcoming iOS app
  • Compatibility fixes for internal camera
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and stability and performance improvements

Threema Work 4.11k for Android

  • Fresh new look in Material Design and a streamlined navigation
  • Archive chats
  • Built-in camera app and QR-code scanner
  • New maps and POI selection without Google Maps
  • Biometric lock using fingerprint or Face Unlock (on devices that support the official API)
  • Configurable location of data backups
  • Quote messages by swiping
  • Fixed Threema Web connectivity issues in networks with incomplete or faulty IPv6 configuration

Threema Work 4.3.2k for iOS

  • Various minor bug fixes and miscellaneous other improvements

Threema Work 4.3.1k for iOS

This update requires iOS 10 or later.
  • Mentions in group chats: Type the “@” character and select group members to mention them
  • Use 3D Touch to preview links
  • New app icon
  • Display duration of audio messages in push notifications and in chat overview
  • Music will resume after video playback
  • Show dialog to confirm deletion of a chat
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when connecting to Threema Web
  • Other improvements and various bug fixes

Threema Work 4.2.3k for iOS

  • Fixed a bug that could occur when creating Threema Safe backups
  • MDM parameter th_safe_server_url gets updated upon app launch

Threema Work 3.0.0k for Windows Phone

  • New: Threema Safe, the anonymous backup solution for the most important Threema data
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes
Due to Windows Phone’s discontinuation, there will be no further Threema updates for this platform.

Threema Work 4.2.1k for iOS

This update requires iOS 9.3 or later.
  • New: Threema Safe, the anonymous backup solution for the most important Threema data
  • Improved image quality of sent videos
  • Security warning to prevent IDN homograph attacks when tapping on suspicious links
  • Threema Web: Unsaved sessions will be deleted automatically after 24 hours of inactivity
  • Minor Threema Safe improvements
  • Minor voice-call improvements
  • Other improvements and various bug fixes

Threema Work 3.7k for Android

  • Various minor bug fixes
  • Added a security warning to prevent IDN homograph attacks when tapping on suspicious links
  • Security fix for sharing local files via share intents (reported by Holger Fuhrmannek)

Threema Work 3.63k for Android

  • Workarounds for Threema Web stability problems caused by some Nokia / HMD Global phones
  • Fix Threema Web switching off spontaneously
  • Various bug fixes and some small improvements

Threema Work 3.62k for Android

  • New: Threema Safe, the anonymous backup solution for your most important Threema data
  • “Android Backup” is no longer supported
  • More than 150 new emojis (Unicode 11)
  • Text is formatted in real time as you type
  • Support for notification channels (Android 8 and above)
  • Numerous other improvements and various bug fixes

Threema Work 4.0.3k for iOS

  • Threema Web: Navigate to Settings > Threema Web, and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Individual notification settings
  • Switched to new iOS Contacts API, which allows to limit access to contacts on managed devices
  • Multiple/all media files of a chat can be deleted at once
  • VoiceOver improvements
  • Miscellaneous other improvements and bug fixes

Threema Work 3.55k for Android

  • Performance improvements and bug fixes

Threema Work 3.1.1k for iOS

  • Improved connection process on slow Internet connections
  • Bugfixes

Threema Work 3.54k for Android

  • Contact list sorting according to lexical rules
  • Mentions can now be added in the middle of existing text and not just at the end
  • Performance improvements
  • Miscellaneous other improvements and bug fixes

Threema Work 3.51k for Android

  • Date separators in chats
  • New cropping UI
  • Chat pinning
  • Optimized group and chat management in chat list
  • Support for Threema Web 2.0
  • Various subtle design tweaks
  • Bug fixes

Threema Work 3.1.0k for iOS

  • When scanning an internal contact’s QR code, the contact is correctly labeled with three blue dots (verification level 3) and remains in the contact list’s “Work” tab

Threema Work 3.0.9k for iOS

  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Threema Work 3.43k for Android

  • Minor bug fixes

Threema Work 3.42k for Android

  • Previously unknown group members will no longer be added to the contact list automatically
  • Delete contacts even if they're still part of a group
  • Improved member and recipient selection for groups, distribution lists and profile pictures
  • Verification level 3 of internal company contacts is represented by three blue dots
  • Separate tab for internal company contacts
  • Many other improvements and bugs fixes

Threema Work 2.3.0k for Windows Phone

  • Globally mute or disable notifications for group chats
  • Various other improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes

Threema Work 3.0.8k for iOS

  • Separate tab for Work contacts in contact list
  • Tap on a quoted message to jump to original message
  • Improvements for landscape mode
  • Various other improvements and several bug fixes

Threema Work 3.41k for Android

  • Mentions: Type the “@” sign, and select group members to directly address and mention them
  • New “Do Not Disturb” option in individual notification settings for groups: “On, unless I was mentioned”
  • Support for keyboard’s incognito mode, if available (Threema > Settings > Privacy > Request incognito keyboard)
  • Select multiple recipients when forwarding messages or media files
  • Separate tab for Work contacts when forwarding messages
  • Tap a quote to jump to quoted message
  • Share contacts directly from contact list
  • Display ongoing Threema call in main screen
  • Improved rendering of emojis
  • In polls without intermediate results, the number of received votes is displayed
  • Separate notification channels for permanent notifications in Android 8 (Threema > Settings > Sound & Notifications)
  • Numerous improvements for Threema Web: increased stability, active connections are displayed in persistent notification, updates of SaltyRTC and WebRTC
  • Various minor improvements and miscellaneous bugs fixes

Threema Work 2.2.0k for Windows Phone

  • Display mentions in group chats
  • Support for th_disable_create_group MDM parameter

  • Various other improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes

Threema Work 3.0.7k for iOS

  • Fixed a bug that prevented the preview of messages in push notifications

Threema Work 3.0.6k for iOS

  • Full access to the app while a Threema call is ongoing
  • Setting to limit number of thumbnails displayed in gallery preview (Settings > Appearance)
  • Optimized layout in Share Extension
  • Interface optimization for iPhone X
  • Support for th_skip_wizard MDM parameter

  • Other small improvements

Threema Work 3.0.5k for iOS

  • The length restriction for text messages was removed
  • Very long messages will be split and sent as multiple messages
  • Preview of circular image section when cropping the profile picture, contact pictures, and group pictures
  • Fixed a crash that would occur when “Save Media to Camera Roll” was enabled without granting the respective iOS permission
  • On iOS 9, unavailable settings for push notifications (“Preview” and “Show Nickname”) are not displayed
  • Improvements for iPhone X
  • Resolved an issue that could occur when calling on speaker
  • General improvements and bug fixes

Threema Work 3.31k for Android

  • More than 800 new emojis. Now supporting Unicode 10.
  • Improved emoji picker: Remove items from recent emojis list with a long tap, tap on any emoji to see an enlarged version
  • Setting to enable/disable auto download of pictures and voice messages depending on network type
  • Improved Threema Call usability when TalkBack is activated
  • Now supporting icon badges on Sony devices
  • Improved Android Wear support: Image previews and canned responses
  • Various improvements and bug fixes

Threema Work 2.1.0k for Windows Phone

  • Search feature in chat overview and contact list
  • Setting to hide inactive contacts
  • Contacts who use Threema Work are labeled with a briefcase icon
  • Add Threema Channel via menu in chat overview
  • Set password for ID revocation
  • Threema MDM Support
  • Various other improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes

Threema Work 3.0.4k for iOS

  • Support for iPhone X
  • Export chats of up to 100 MB via iOS Share Sheet
  • Support for Dynamic Type (iOS setting)
  • Setting to display nickname instead of full name in push notifications
  • Setting for display order of first and last name (iOS 11 only)
  • Outgoing calls aren’t listed in Phone app’s Recent list if “Integrate calls into iOS” is disabled
  • Reduction of app size
  • Fixed an issue in regard to message sorting
  • General improvements and bug fixes

Threema Work 3.21k for Android

  • Threema Calls: Tap-proof end-to-end encrypted voice calls
  • Integrated multimedia player
  • Mark important chats by swiping them horizontally
  • Record voice messages without a plugin
  • This release requires Android 4.1 or higher