Threema Education

Privacy-compliant instant messaging for educational institutions
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Special offer

Threema supports educational institutions in their endeavor to increase privacy protection. Eligible organizations benefit from preferential terms on Threema Work.


Threema Work Education

60% OFF compared to Threema Work Enterprise

1.90 CHF   0.75
per user, per month

Threema reserves the right to review an organization’s eligibility at any time; if the eligibility criteria are not met, the discount will be withdrawn.

General information

Threema Work Education is a Threema Work price plan reserved for educational organizations.


Compared to the Threema consumer app, Threema Work offers many additional features, especially in terms of administration and user management.

Platform independence

Threema Work licenses are platform-independent. When purchasing licenses, there’s no need to consider which operating systems the students might use.

Security and privacy

Threema Work provides the highest level of security and data privacy and also complies with Swiss and EU data protection laws.

Additional informationen: Documentation Threema Work

Price-plan comparison

Unlimited messages
Free updates for all platforms
Guaranteed availability (SLA)
Management cockpit
Transferable credentials
Withdraw and hand over licenses
Overview of active users
Get a complete list of all active licenses and users
Access privileges
Add administrators and define access privileges
Custom support form
Integrate your own form for first-level support into the app
Show data evaluation of your subscription
Contact-list management
Make contacts available and mark internal contacts
Revocation of IDs
Revoke IDs and prevent access to future chats
Detachment of IDs
Remove IDs from list of active users
In-app logo
Display a custom logo in the app
Threema MDMNew
Control app settings in the management cockpit
Manage subscription and users via API
Threema Gateway
Get credits for Threema Gateway per license and year
100 credits
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