Why instant messaging?

  • Instant messaging is an immediate means of communication, allowing for quick and effortless exchange of information and data.
  • Instant messaging simplifies communication, improves collaboration, expedites workflows, and increases productivity.
  • Many of the apps that are used don’t meet legal data-privacy requirements and there is no strict separation between personal and professional communication.

What are the dangers of instant messaging?

Instant messaging is already widely used in organizations, but “under the radar”, which poses significant dangers.
  • Many of the apps that are used don’t meet legal data-privacy requirements.
  • There is no strict separation between personal and professional communication.
  • This way, business documents can fall into the wrong hands.
  • Violation of privacy laws can involve substantial penalties.

Why Threema Work?

Threema Work is an easy and inexpensive solution for organizations to make mobile communication secure and compliant with data-privacy standards. These are the benefits:
  • Threema Work provides a strict separation of personal and professional communication.
  • Threema Work guarantees top-grade security and full compliance with current data-privacy standards.
  • Threema Work offers priority support, SLAs, app customization, and Threema Gateway credits.
  • Threema Work can be easily integrated into existing MDM systems.
  • Threema Work can an also be used without MDM system.
  • Made in Switzerland: Threema Work is created and maintained in Switzerland.
The scope of services depends on the choice of the service package.

Is Threema Work compliant with Swiss and EU data-privacy standards?

As a Swiss company, Threema is subject to Switzerland’s strict “Federal Act on Data Protection” (DSG) and the accompanying “Ordinance to the Federal Act on Data Protection” (VDSG).

Based on Article 25, paragraph 6 of the EU’s Data Protection Directive, the domestic law in Switzerland is similar to the EU's legislation in regard to data protection.

As far as data protection is concerned, the transmission of data from the EU to Switzerland is therefore permitted by law and doesn't require further evaluation.

Purchase and Licensing

How do the different licensing models differ?

Threema Work offers three different licensing models, Basic, Business, and Enterprise, which cover any organization's needs.

Here is a comparison of the available licensing models.

Is it possible to upgrade a service package during active subscription?

Yes, it’s possible to upgrade a service package at any time. You can perform the upgrade in the management cockpit.

Can the number of users be increased for an active subscription?

Yes, increasing the number of users is possible at any time. You can do that within the management cockpit.

Can Threema Work be used as on-premise solution?

An on-premise solution, which will provide advanced administration functionality, is currently in development. Once it’s available, it will be possible to migrate active subscriptions to the on-premise model. We therefore suggest to start with the off-premise solution.

Can I try out Threema Work?

To test all the features Threema Work provides, you can buy a few Enterprise licenses, or you can request a trial.

Rollout and user management

Subscription and user administration

Subscriptions and user credentials can be managed in the management cockpit. The management cockpit allows to:
  • Manage licenses and users
  • Define and edit credentials
  • Request support
  • Acquire additional licenses and packages
  • Set an In-app logo
  • Access Threema Gateway credits
Please note: In order to test all aspects of the management cockpit, an active subscription is required.

Are credentials transferable?

With the Business and Enterprise service package, credentials are freely transferable, which is useful, for example, when staff or device changes occur.

How can I distribute Threema Work without an MDM system?

Unlock the desired number of users. Send the credentials to the intended users (for example by email or post), and ask them to download the Threema Work app. To activate the app, the users can then enter their credentials. That's it.

Threema Work can also be activated via URL action: Learn more.

Which parameters can be controlled using an MDM system?

Threema Work allows administrators to preconfigure the app to an extent which relieves end users almost entirely from setting up the app. Credentials, nicknames, linked email addresses and phone numbers can be parameterized. Contact synchronization, blocking of unknown contacts, and the backup password can be activated or deactivated by the administrator.

The configuration parameters that are available when using an MDM system are documented here.

Threema Work supports Android for Work (Android ≥5.0) and Managed App Configuration (iOS ≥8.0). The MDM systems Threema Work is compatible with include: MobileIron, Citrix XenMobile, wmware airwatch, Sophos, IBM MaaS360, datomo, SOTI.

On Windows Phone, there are URL actions available which allow to preconfigure certain parameters.

Is central key management supported?

A user’s private key never leaves the device. If it’s required for compliance reasons that keys are stored in a key escrow, an MDM system can be used to distribute precalculated key pairs by means of parameterization.

Threema vs. Threema Work

Can Threema Work and the standard Threema version coexist on a single device?

It is possible to use both Threema Work and the standard Threema version on the same device. Please note that a phone number or email address can only be linked to one Threema ID at a time.

Can Threema Work be used to communicate with users of the regular Threema app?

Threema Work and the regular Threema app are fully compatible. Threema Work users and users of the regular Threema app can communicate as if they were using the same app. However, Threema Work can optionally be restricted to communication with contacts contained in the contact list, in which case third parties can’t initiate conversations.

Can I use Threema Work as a single user?

Threema Work is tailored to the needs of organizations and intended for corporate use. For personal use, we recommend the standard version.


Can Threema Work be used on tablets or devices with multiple SIM cards?

Yes, Threema Work can be used on devices without (or with multiple) SIM cards. A phone number is not required in order to use Threema Work.

Can Threema Work be set up as a self-contained environment (Closed User Group)?

Threema Work can be restricted to communication with contacts contained in the contact list, in which case third parties can’t initiate conversations. However, the user can always initiate conversations with users not contained in the contact list.

Can Threema Work be integrated into an organization’s Active Directory?

Threema Work can be synchronized with the device’s address book, which, in turn, can be synchronized with your central directory service (Exchange, AD, LDAP), allowing to automatically map users to their Threema IDs.

Why can certain settings not be modified in the app?

If you are unable to modify certain settings (i.e., enabling contact synchronization, linking a phone number or email address to your Threema ID, or editing your nickname), these settings have been preconfigured by your company, in which case they can’t be altered. We have no means of removing this restriction or changing preconfigured settings. Please contact your company’s IT support.

Can Threema Work be used on the desktop?

Yes. Threema Web is a web client for Threema which establishes a secure direct connection between browser and mobile device, allowing you to conveniently use Threema on the desktop. Learn more...

Please note that Threema Web is currently only available for Android.